John Kerry joins Hillary warning Europe of threat of immigration

It’s starting to look like some members of the Democrat establishment understand that open borders is a losing issue. It would be too dangerous to take on the issue domestically, so acknowledging that Europe is being harmed by mass immigration/asylum and turning to politicians who will control the borders is a first step. When Hillary Clinton warned of the danger of Europe turning to populists in order to stop the influx, it was startling. But now, it is a trend.

John Kerry has joined fellow failed presidential nominee Clinton in warning Europe that its refugee policies have been a disaster. Ryan Saavedra reports in the Daily Wire:

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted last week during a trip to Europe that the continent has been "crushed" by a transformation that has taken place due to immigration.

Kerry made the remarks while speaking at a Guardian Live event at Central Hall in London where he weighed in on a number of issues and also used the opportunity to bash President Donald Trump.

"Europe is already crushed under this transformation that is taking place due to migration," Kerry said. "In Germany, Angela Merkel is weakened. Italian politics is significantly impacted."

Illegal immigration is currently the top concern of Americans.  While the radical wing of the Democrats is explicitly in favor of open borders, the issue drives support to Republicans in key states. It is possible that the old guard of the Democrats is citing Europe and urging border control there as a means of opening the issue for debate in choosing the 2020 nominee.

On the other hand, there is a striking similarity in both the Clinton and Kerry announcements. Both came under the auspices of the UK Guardian, which is pushing the issue of European populists gaining victories. It is possible that after discussing the issue in interviews and other sessions with The Guardian, both Hillary and Kerry independently changed their minds. But because both of them waited until after the midterms (with the cooperation of the Guardian that withheld those comments before the vote was in), it suggest that a strategy is being implemented.

I would love these the Democrats turn against each other, with open borders openly advocated by one faction and the importance of national sovereignty acknowledged by the others, the rhetoric could escalate and even end up with a third part challenge from the left.

Watch closely for public reactions to Hillary and Kerry. I am waiting for Ocasio-Cortez to speak up.

  Image credit: Donkey Hotey