Educating Chris Wallace โ€“ Trump Style

Chris Wallace got an exclusive interview with President Trump for his “Fox News Sunday” show. How did Chris do? He and his colleague, Howard Kurtz, talked about it on Howie’s show “Media Buzz.” What kind of grade should they get from the public? Trump made a comment that he knew Chris’ father. His biological father was Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes” fame. Trump probably also knew Chris’ step-father, Bill Leonard. Mike and Chris’s mother divorced when Chris was only one year old. In a 1986 book, The Media Elite, S. Robert Lichter, Stanley Rothman and Linda S. Lichter related a story pertinent to our current situation. In their chapter, The Rashomon Principle, they quote Mike Wallace on the development of a segment until it reaches the air. “We have the power to convey any picture you want.” In fact, he goes on, “we once thought about doing a ‘Rashomon’—getting a piece of...(Read Full Post)
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