Don't lose momentum. Time to go out and vote.

A few days now until, as Sean Hannity puts it, "the most consequential election of our lifetimes."  Chaos and order compete for dominance across the land.  Progressives riot.  They rail against the fictional Trump of their imaginations.  Conservatives pinch themselves to see if they're awake and peek out the window to make sure they are still living in the same country they used to know and love.

The view from 36,000 feet is of a Democrat political party seeking to regain power as a heroin addict seeks another high, willing to rob his mother, perform a wanton sex act, or sell his wedding band for just one more cheap power thrill.  It's pathetic and makes you sick to watch.  Democrats should be ashamed, but they're well beyond that now.

It is possible I'm misjudging the Democrats.  Perhaps they are doing what it takes to stay out of jail without returning their ill gotten gains.  What matters is not their motivation; it is what their tactics and self-absorption do to the country that is alarming.

Fake polls and fake news frustrate Democratic Party bosses, now so desperate that favorite tactics no longer work.  Plan B, the Russian collusion hoax, has all but fizzled out.  They must know that most of us are on to their schemes and tactics and think them fools, but self-awareness is not their strong suit.

Even if they had a moment of clarity and saw themselves as others do, it would make no difference.  As I've long held, Democrats (liberals, Progressives, if you prefer) have no reverse gear.  They do not analyze outcomes and never consider alternatives; they never seek input from those with a different point of view.  Hence their motto and Hillary's slogan: "Forward!"

Democrats are throwing the whole bowl of political spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.  They are desperate to find another scheme or tactic their base might swallow.  Kavanaugh backfired.  Trump has called their bluff on the caravan.  A double-reverse on anti-Semitism, that old Alinsky standby of trying to pin your nasty tactics onto your opponent, isn't fooling anyone.  After years of coddling terrorists and stealth jihadis in America, Democrats want us to believe that Trump – the best friend Israel has ever had and the proud grandfather of Jewish children – is the father of all anti-Semites.  Today's Democrat talking point is that Trump is "radicalizing" the right.  As an even greater insult to the electorate's intelligence, they've run radical, corrupt politicians pretending to be moderate, even aligning themselves with President Trump's policies and accomplishments.  Claire McCaskill is bragging to Brett Baer how often she's stood with Trump.

There are two Maginot lines of identity politics.  The first is entitlement-addled minorities with few resources outside government handouts.  The second is the fear-mongered, once oppressed, now professional victims like LGBTQ activists and new-wave feminists.  Both are crumbling.  Groups like #WalkAway and the Conservative Black Leadership Summit attendees are offering bold, fresh alternatives to dependency, self-pity, and scattershot anger at those who have already broken out.  People like Candace Owen and Kanye West are risking all to liberate the people they care about.

At least the media remain loyal to Democrats.  They ignore stories about groups offering positive alternatives to dependency and misdirected anger.  Democrats can count on the press to cover up violent attacks on conservatives while pinning undeserved blame on conservatives for the actions of madmen.  And good old Hollywood, so dependably dumb,  is still willing to write out large checks and say insipid things on Twitter.

Eleven lives snuffed out in Pittsburgh have become little more than a "story" in the news cycle – just another way to attack our President.  That happens when "narratives" replace factual reporting.  Americans used to value the life of every individual.  In America, an individual's life had meaning, and individuals could earn widespread respect for their achievements.  Heroic actions inspired others.  Anyone could become president...until a fraud did.  Then we realized that achievement, character, and ideas weren't making presidents anymore; globalist cabals with heavy doses of foreign influence were.

Mr. Hannity is right.  This is an important election.  Electing outstanding conservatives is critical for carrying forward those foundational notions that character, hard work, aspirational strivings, and a common vision create American exceptionalism.

I quibble with President Trump on only one item.  He is not making America great again.  He is forcing Americans to confront themselves and become great people again.  Let's thank him with our votes.  Let's lend financial support to great candidates – DeSantis, John James, McSally, Nunes, Cruz, Scott, and many more – trying to make a real difference by becoming great American leaders.

Let's win this thing.