Continuing as ‘The Land of the Free’

When we Americans speak of our nation as "the land of the free" it offends some, some abroad and of late even some here. When we speak of our government being 'of, by and for' the people -- and then act to ensure that it remains such -- we are derided for that. But the truth of the uniqueness of our nation and its more traditionally 'American-minded' people is real. What has happened with Brexit has once again shown this. The British people voted to free themselves of the EU with all its strictures and laws and crushing limitations, to become again a nation of their own, under their own dominion. And yesterday a deal was signed to deny them what they chose, and their prime minister told them in pretty direct terms to shut up about it, to simply accept it. "This" she told them, "is the deal that is on the table, this is the best possible deal, this is the only possible deal.” Of course it is not. It certainly is not...(Read Full Post)
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