Whitmer and Gilchrist – Michigan’s dangerous duo

Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Gretchen Whitmire and her running mate Garlin Gilchrist are promoting government-run health care, sanctuary cities, and the elimination of government agencies that protect citizens.  This socialist dynamic duo wants to outlaw the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.  They want to turn Michigan into a sanctuary state for lawbreakers.  They want to reverse any economic gains in Michigan by adopting Jennifer Granholm-style big spending programs, rolling back even the modest gains achieved during the Gov. Rick Snyder years.  Gilchrist is a former organizer for Moveon.org, the left-wing group that got its start during the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.  From that perch, he has advocated the elimination of the Department of Homeland Security, stating, “I question why we even have a Department of Homeland Security.” Regarding driver’s licenses for illegal aliens,...(Read Full Post)
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