When political correctness endangers the community

The Kansas City Star recently reported on a minor incident at the Country Club Plaza, a popular upscale shopping area.  Someone fired a shot in a public square full of citizens.  Police immediately responded and tweeted a warning to people in the area.  Based on witness reports, they described the suspect with the only information that they had at the time as being a "black male."  Thirty-three minutes later, police apprehended the suspect, who fit the description. Unfortunately, the story did not end there.  Activists who saw the tweet complained that it unfairly profiled the suspect.  One said that for 33 minutes, 64,000 black males in the surrounding area became suspects.  The absurd commentary claimed that all these suspects were endangered because of the institutional racism inside police departments.  Police officers were more likely to shoot a suspect based on this description...(Read Full Post)
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