What are these pre-election mail bombs?

Are the pre-election mail bombs the work of a right-wing nut?  Or a false flag October surprise carried out by someone on the other side?

At this point, no one knows who sent mail bombs to Time Warner/CNN and prominent Democrats.  There's speculation that ISIS is responsible.  Unlikely.  If ISIS wanted to send bombs to anyone, it would be to the man who gave orders that virtually wiped ISIS out.

Maybe the responsible party is a conservative crazy, of which there are plenty.  Then again, maybe the culprit is the party that embraces Saul Alinsky's "win at all costs," "ends justify the means" election tactics.

When a political party decides it must win at all costs, what won't it do?  Following are two things The Democratic Party did that show the answer to the previous question is...just about anything.

In the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, covert Democrat operatives admitted in a Project Veritas hidden camera investigation that they directed a nationwide voter fraud operation paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC:

We've been busing people in for 50 years and we aren't gonna stop now.

What we do causes massive changes in state legislatures and Congress.

We target every Republican-held state in the nation.

A second Project Veritas investigation uncovered an operation where the same Democrat operatives trained paid protesters to infiltrate Trump campaign events and incite violence:

We send our people into the lines at Trump rallies to start confrontations.

We are contracted directly with the DNC and the Hillary campaign.

We don't care what the legal people say – we need to win this m-----------.

Democrats tried to rig the last presidential election by orchestrating nationwide voter fraud and inciting violence at campaign events of the opposing party's nominee.  Having failed at sufficiently rigging the 2016 election, who's to say they wouldn't fund a covert operation to send mail bombs as a dirty-tricks surprise timed to unfold less than two weeks before the midterms?

It's not as if such a thing would be out of their character.

John Eidson is a 1968 electrical engineering graduate of Georgia Tech; a lifelong conservative; and the father of two law-abiding, self-reliant sons.

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