Andrew Cuomo jumps up and suggests he too got a bomb, even though he didn't

Did Andrew Cuomo actually want to get a bomb from some unknown criminal or terrorist delivered to him?

If there was political hay to be made, sure looks like it.

How else to explain this rather absurd farce? According to Vice News:

Though New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that an explosive device had been sent to his office after a spate of bombs targeting at least six high-profile liberal figures, the NYPD says he wasn't a target.

“A device has been sent to my office in Manhattan, which we were just informed about,” Cuomo said at a joint press conference Wednesday outside CNN headquarters, where a bomb was found. “That device is also being handled.”

In a subsequent statement, the NYPD denied that Cuomo or his office had been targeted.

So, first Cuomo said he never got a bomb, at a time when other prominent Democrats had gotten them from some unknown criminal or terrorist. Then Cuomo said that, oh, actually he had also gotten one, a "suspicious package" to be precise, apparently wanting to be placed on the list of leading Democrats with enough clout to enrage some package bomber. The weasel words 'suspicious package' of course, could cover him for anything.

With that, he got in front of the cameras, saying: "We will not allow these terrorist thugs to change the way we live our lives," and look at all those microphones:



Then the New York PD smacked him down and said that nope, he wasn't part of this, he never got a bomb. The best he got was some lawyer briefs about group that gets into fights with antifa leftists called 'Proud Boys.' According to the Syracuse News-Standard:

In a subsequent statement, the NYPD denied that Cuomo or his office had been targeted.

The whole idiocy sounds like he wanted to join the bigs and make himself seem important. Or that he would anything to get his name in the news, given that the bomb incidents were the nation's top news story.

Terrorism and criminal mayhem is serious stuff, and no normal person ever wants to announce he or she has been a target. We likely aren't going to see many leaks on this case, which was real enough for the people (political opponents though they be) involved.

But then there's Andrew Cuomo, wanting to join the "in" crowd, and suggesting he too got one.

What an embarrassment.

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