Unhinged Hillary reverts to 'deplorables' rationalization for her defeat

Hillary Clinton is not just stuck on stupid; she is compulsively lashing out over her 2016 defeat and making life difficult for fellow Democrats.  Perhaps she has been driven slightly mad by the Gallup Poll released a few days ago showing that her favorability rating has reached a record low at 36%, the lowest since Gallup began polling on her in 1992.

That's a form of rejection that has got to sting.  That might explain the suicidal repetition of the sort of comments she made during the campaign about the infamous "basket of deplorables" that most sober observers agree harmed her chances of victory.

If you haven't yet seen her latest outburst denouncing voters who chose Trump over her, you can find it embedded below.  The key fact to keep in mind is that she was in a friendly venue, The Atlantic Festival (sponsored by the left-wing Atlantic Magazine), and facing a friendly questioner, editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg.  That must be why she let her guard down and let slip her scorn for a significant slice of the voting public.  She avoided the D-word (deplorables) but said just about the same thing, using the R-word (racist).

Her facial expressions and body language were notable as she roused herself and showed her anger.

Transcript via Grabien:

GOLDBERG: "Do you think he is a racist?"

CLINTON: "I think he has thrown his lot in with many people and groups whose stated objective is white nationalism, white supremacy. How could you explain what he did and why after Charlottesville? We need a president at moments like that, regardless of party, and we saw— remember what George W. Bush did after 9/11? He went to a mosque. He went to a gathering place for American Muslims in order to say we are not at war with you. We are at war with those people who plotted and planned to drive those airplanes into the World Trade Center. But that is not what we got after Charlottesville. That remains one of the most troubling episodes in this presidency."

GOLDBERG: "What is the word for someone who consorts with racists, takes advantage of racists to elevate him — it is a serious question. How do you define this? When do you just become a racist yourself if you are taking advantage of racism to advance your own personal goals?"

CLINTON: "What he is doing is broader even than that, because he has been racist, he has been sexist. He has been Islamophobic. He has been anti-LGBTQ. There is a long list. I don't think it's useful to say, oh we've figured it out. This is what he is. He has a view of America that is incredibly constricted. He talks to that America. He talks to them all the time. It is by no means a majority, as we know. But it is a very hard-core who are responding to him and supporting him for a variety of reasons. Whatever they might be — economic reasons, Supreme Court reasons, or some of these other more troubling biases and prejudices."

In other words, there is something wrong with Americans who didn't vote for her.

Yeah, that'll work.

I don't think many people in the circle Hillary surrounds herself with understand the degree of anger they have occasioned among the public with their snobbery and denigration.

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