Unhinged Hillary reverts to 'deplorables' rationalization for her defeat

Hillary Clinton is not just stuck on stupid; she is compulsively lashing out over her 2016 defeat and making life difficult for fellow Democrats.  Perhaps she has been driven slightly mad by the Gallup Poll released a few days ago showing that her favorability rating has reached a record low at 36%, the lowest since Gallup began polling on her in 1992. That's a form of rejection that has got to sting.  That might explain the suicidal repetition of the sort of comments she made during the campaign about the infamous "basket of deplorables" that most sober observers agree harmed her chances of victory. If you haven't yet seen her latest outburst denouncing voters who chose Trump over her, you can find it embedded below.  The key fact to keep in mind is that she was in a friendly venue, The Atlantic Festival (sponsored by the left-wing Atlantic Magazine), and facing a friendly questioner, editor-in-chief Jeffrey...(Read Full Post)
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