The new and devolved Democratic Party considers you the enemy

The Kavanaugh confirmation battle exemplifies the current social and political civil war caused by the leftists who have taken over the Democratic Party.  The leftists are outraged that the rest of the country does not share and follow their beliefs.

This leftist rage has its roots in using the federal courts to achieve desired political results instead of the constitutional legislative process, such as abortion decisions starting with Roe v. Wade.  The leftists, led by Ted Kennedy, viciously attacked Judge Robert Bork in 1987 to keep him off the Supreme Court.  They tried again with Justice Clarence Thomas, but Thomas and Republicans were better prepared.

I doubt that any rational person believed the outrageous charges by Kennedy against Judge Bork that his confirmation would lead to outlawing all abortions, illegal searches of homes, prohibition of teaching of evolution, re-segregation, and elimination of civil rights.

Kennedy, Biden, and the rest of the Dems used abortion to attack Bork.  Kennedy also wanted revenge because Bork, as solicitor general, carried out Nixon's order to fire Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, who was a Kennedy family friend and served as solicitor general in the JFK administration.  Kennedy pushed to have Cox appointed as special prosecutor to get Nixon.

In addition, Bork as solicitor general defeated the lawsuits brought by the ACLU and others to stop the 1973 bombing in Cambodia.  Justice Douglas upheld a district judge's decision to order the Pentagon to stop bombing Cambodia.  Bork persuaded the Supreme Court to reverse the order, which was a clear violation of the separation of powers.  (See Robert H. Bork, Saving Justice, Watergate, the Saturday Night Massacre, and other Adventures of a Solicitor General, Wilsted &Taylor Publishing, 2013.)

The Democrats want judges to tell the Pentagon how to run a war and tell the president how to run immigration policy.

This leftist rage reached its full bloom with the false charges against Justice Kavanaugh of attempted rape and gang rapes.

I doubt that any rational person, even the Dems on the Judiciary Committee, believes that Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford or that he was involved in gang rapes.  The Democrats announced their opposition to Kavanaugh minutes after he was nominated by President Trump.  They demanded a seventh FBI investigation, which produced the same results as the first six FBI investigations: Kavanaugh is squeaky-clean and innocent of the charges.

There are numerous examples of how these leftists view Americans who do not agree with them.

Hillary Clinton asked why she wasn't leading by 50 points, as if everyone should agree with her.

Hillary called the voters who opposed her "deplorables."

Obama said Americans who opposed him are bitter and cling to guns and religion.

What explains this blind hatred by leftists of those who disagree with them?  They cannot accept that Americans voted to elect President Trump instead of the poster girl of the left: Hillary.  Who are we, the voters, to disagree with the left's choice for president?

 We had a preview in the 2000 election, where the Democrats fought the Bush election in the courts and constantly referred to Bush as selected, not elected.  The election of President Trump sent the leftists over the edge.

The culture reflects this division.  Trump and his supporters criticized Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during our national anthem.

Hollywood, instead of making enjoyable, watchable movies, trots out has-beens like Robert De Niro, who foams at the mouth while swearing against President Trump.  This is what happens when De Niro has to read and write his own lines instead of reading lines written by Mario Puzo.

Rob Meathead Reiner criticized De Niro's rants, not because they were wrong, but because such rants help Trump with his voters.

On a personal note, I see acquaintances on social media refer to Trump as Hitler and a dictator, as if we live in Venezuela or North Korea.  These people are economically well off.  Their 401(k)s increased by 30-40% under Trump.  But they cannot see the absurdity of claiming we live under a dictator comparable to Hitler when they, Hollywood, the Dems, and the media are free to constantly criticize and attack Trump. It seems the rational part of their brains, or what is left of them, shuts down at the thought of President Trump.

The bottom line is that the Democratic Party has been taken over by totalitarian leftists who do not accept President Trump as president.  Even worse, they view Trump voters as enemies.

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