The Democrats cannot avoid the caravan

Like the Mexican flags that killed immigration reform in 2007, the caravan is doing more to promote the construction of a fence than any speech by President Trump.

The Democrats want to talk health care but the front-page stories will not let them.  In fact, their silence is putting them at odds with more and more voters who see this as a national security problem.   

More troubling, their silence may communicate a certain "consent" or disregard for U.S. borders, as John Kaas wrote:   

Democratic leaders want their members to stay silent.

And there’s one thing about silence.

"Chi tace acconsente,” says my barber, Raffaele Raia. “He who is silent says ‘yes’. The silence is the consent.”

And so, whatever you call this, it may just be the event that finally compels Americans to think long and hard about why a sovereign nation would even bother to have borders at all.

But calling the mass of people moving through Central America a caravan is just a bit too precious, isn’t it?

Depending on your politics, you’ve probably already called it something. 

Or, you may have followed the example of Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, who’ve found a nice pile of warm sand and stuck their heads in there.

That's correct.  Silence is consent.  

The Democrats have only themselves to blame for this political mess.  They've promoted a position about border security and illegal immigration that makes no sense.  

Yesterday, I was talking to a good Mexican friend who has lived in North Texas for much of his life.  He is not anti-Trump but does not love the Democrats either.  He told me something critical:  he said that it's okay to do something about DACA or create work visas to legalize people who've been here for a long time.   Then he added that this is different.  This is a humanitarian time bomb.  What happens when these people march down Mexico's roads and face hundreds of buses and truck drivers on deadlines.  What happens if they have to cross a river?  How many drown?  

Finally, this is really a nightmare for Mexico.  This is why I continue to say that Mexico will eventually stop the caravan.

Speaking of politics, I'd like to meet the expert who thought that a caravan two weeks before the election would hurt President Trump?  I'd love to chat with that guy. 

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