Some piercing insights into the inestimable Winston Churchill

Richard M. Langworth has spent the better part of his lifetime studying, documenting, interpreting, and promoting the true words, deeds, and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.  The corpus of Langworth's efforts is manifest in the lectures, publications, and websites of The International Churchill Society, which he founded, and The Churchill Project of Hillsdale College, founded in 2006.

Winston Churchill, Myth and Reality: What He Actually Did and Said by Langworth (McFarland: North Carolina, 2017) is the refined and distilled version of Langworth's life's work, readily accessible, highly readable, and most necessary for anyone seeking the flesh-and-blood Churchill behind the legends and caricatures.  In effect, this book is the legal brief and exegesis for Churchill's defense for all purposes.

Langworth names and considers poorly framed criticism of Churchill based on a lack of analysis and consideration of evidence to the contrary.  Most of all, he exposes such criticism as a product of bias and partisan animus directed at Churchill because he was a full-fury British imperialist, and he devoted his life to the survival and success of the British culture and empire.

Langworth systematically debunks the many calumnious and vitriolic attacks on Churchill – leftist antagonist deceptions that have been the basis for assaults on Churchill's reputation.  Langworth puts the actions and words of Churchill in context and the circumstances of the time, particularly Churchill's military and naval responsibilities and then his performance as the prime minister of a nation in peril from Nazi aggression.  He addresses the accusations and vilification, then analyzes Churchill's conduct, given his times, his well founded opinions, and his extraordinary responsibilities.

Langworth is arguably the living expert on Churchill, and his book exposes the lies of the critics while extolling the good about the legend asserted to be "the greatest Englishman." 

One last consideration as articulated by Sir Martin Gilbert, noted and accomplished historian and Churchill's biographer:

As I open file after file of Churchill's archive ... I am continually surprised by the truth of his assertions, the modernity of his thought, originality of his mind, constructiveness of his proposals, his humanity, and most remarkable of all, his foresight.

Great men of great vision, doing great things, are an inspiration.  Churchill was a monumental phenomenon and our great good fortune.

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