How this former secular Jew walked away from the Democratic Party

These are exciting political times.  The economy is booming; ISIS is on the run; and, as the president put it, "America is respected again." 

It's a great time to be alive.  Notably through the Walk Away movement, Americans are walking away from the liberal globalist groupthink.  They are now embracing liberty as well as American values.

I grew up in a home of secular mainline Democrat Jews.  Needless to say, this was not yet the party of democratic socialism.  My family had always been patriotic, stood for the flag, and most importantly believed in G‑d.  I followed their lead but also rooted for Al Gore to win.  This was about to change.

George Bush won, and then the unthinkable happened: America was attacked by ruthless terrorists on 9/11.

I was in middle school, and we were called in for an assembly.  As students, we were told our country had been attacked.  Right away, I knew the attackers were Middle Eastern Muslims. 

Despite the fact that the hijackers came from the Middle East with many coming from Saudi Arabia, the elites seemed more concerned with protecting the reputation of Islam than with defending America. 

September 11 was a turning point.  The images of the towers collapsing and people jumping from the towers are etched in my mind.

Immediately after that, I knew that evil is real.  I knew that political correctness was a willing accomplice in the attack.  Politicians of both parties covered up the role of the Saudis in the attack.

Around this time, I was also going through a religious transformation.  By the Grace of G‑d, I embraced my faith and brought G‑d into my life. 

I began to encounter on a personal level the hostility of the secular elite.  As a religious Jew, I knew that the values of the Torah were not consistent with secular liberal permissiveness.

A combination of these events lead me to register as a Republican.  Together with my entire immediate family, we walked away from the Democratic Party.  With their drift farther and farther left, I am glad to have gotten out when I did.

I cast my votes for McCain and Mitt Romney.  Then, this past election, I had a historic opportunity.  I now could be part of a historic movement, voting for Donald J. Trump.

President Trump has without a doubt been the best president of my lifetime.  Unlike past presidents, he actually carries out his campaign promises.

With extreme vetting of refugees, tax cuts, and moving the embassy to Jerusalem, President Trump has shown more leadership then any president in my lifetime.  Despite Deep State saboteurs, President Trump presses forward. 

President Trump is defending our nation and our borders.  I am honored to support this movement.  This is a movement of the forgotten men and women who are the bedrock of this nation.

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