Just in time for Halloween: Democrat-led voter intimidation!

If we have learned anything about liberals, it is that they will do nearly anything to gain power.  This election season their strategy is all about enhancing turnout by ginning up their base with hateful negative messaging, divisive identity politics, demonization of president Trump, and threats of violence.

Witness the perfectly timed hit job on Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, designed to scuttle his confirmation or at least whip up an anti-Trump frenzy and perhaps separate the supposedly fragile "suburban white female voter bloc" from the Republican Party.  In recent days, another exquisitely orchestrated assault on the president's border policies, a "caravan" of "migrants," is headed toward our southern border from Honduras, gathering human and political momentum with each mile.  Is the media hysteria over the death of an obscure Saudi journalist meant to embarrass Donald Trump, who has been cozying up to the Saudis lately as a regional counterbalance to Iran?  Even the curiously scheduled Sixty Minutes interview of the president last weekend appeared to be designed by the left as a game-changing hatchet job, although, fortunately, it did not turn out quite as they had planned.

One thing is certain: expect further outrages as the Democratic Party apparatchiks dig deep into their bag of dirty tricks to influence the outcome of the November midterm elections in their favor.  Who knows?  Maybe even Robert Mueller will pop up along with the witches and goblins of Halloween to scare us all. 

A serious concern is voter intimidation.  The left has shown, as with Philly Voter in 2008, a willingness to use intimidation and threats at polling places to distort election outcomes.  It worked well back then, as Barack Hussein Obama and his right-hand goon, A.G. Eric Holder, obfuscated this clear case of voter intimidation into oblivion.  As the Democratic Party lurches farther into leftist fascism and continues to promote violence and intimidation as political tools, we should all beware.  Watch for demonstrations, mayhem, and scuffles as out-of-towner mischief-makers swarm into sensitive swing districts come November and police are ordered by cowardly local politicians to stand down.  The recent takeover of Portland by a cadre of Antifa thugs, who are increasingly serving as the Democratic Party's paramilitary arm, was perhaps just a rehearsal.

Halloween is a time of scary fun and enjoyment for most.  However, in true fascist fashion, the Democratic Party may use only the scary part on us in November.

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