It's time to end women's sports

It's time to end women's sports – especially since they're not just "women's" sports anymore.  A case in point is "Rachel" McKinnon, Ph.D., a man masquerading as a woman (MMW), or a "transgender," as the enlighteners say, who just won a women's masters cycling event.  As The Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft (almost) put it, he "whooped them little girls."

McKinnon isn't alone, as many MMW have won women's sporting events during the last decade.  To name just a few, a 55-year-old MMW won a women's long-drive competition (golf) in 2008.  Last year, a 39-year-old MMW won a women's weightlifting event.  Then there were the Connecticut's State Open track and field championships in June; the top two finishers in the 100-meter dash were both MMW (okay, being boys, they were BMG), with one of them setting the girls' state record in both the 100- and 200-meter runs. Hey, you go...uh...girl.

McKinnon's great triumph has inspired both kudos and criticism, and those leveling the latter he has called "bigots" on Twitter.  One bigot asked him, rhetorically, why the sexes are segregated in sports if people such as him have no innate advantage, as he claims.  In response, McKinnon echoed a female tweeter who said it was because the gals haven't been involved in athletics that long and because men can't cope with losing to women. 

Well, let's just have everyone compete together – we guys will just have to get over it.

Of course, we won't have to anytime soon.  In the 800-meter run, the record for 14-year-old boys is better than the women's world record, and Australia's national women's soccer team, then ranked fifth in the world, lost a 2016 scrimmage 7-0 to an under-15 boys' team.

That gets at the point.  Instead of being isolated in a separate, protected, inferior arena, the women need to be inspired to reach for the stars.  Having to compete with males will do this.  I'm sure that in 100 years or so, they'll surpass the 14-year-old lads and, perhaps a century later, conquer the 15-year-olds (no, I don't mean in the modern schoolteacher-cougar sense).  They can work their way up the ladder from there and, hey, the fourth millennium just may be yours, ladies!

Nixing women's sports would eliminate that controversy over whether MMW should be in women's athletics.  This is a good thing, since a fashionable view today, and one McKinnon espouses, is that MMW shouldn't have to take testosterone-suppressing hormones, never mind having so-called "gender reassignment surgery."

The move would also end the debate over equal prize money for women.  Why this should even be considered when the best female athletes can't beat high-level mid-teen boys is beyond me.  One could also wonder why the market's determinations are ignored here and not, let's say, when they grant heavyweight boxers greater purses than lightweight ones or female fashion models higher pay than their male peers.  But hey, logic is just a white male linear thing.

Now, I've said in the past that if the women want the men's money, they should compete in the men's arena.  But eliminating women's sports is true Equality™: everyone competes together, and the cream rises to the top.  The 14-year-old boys have the same chance of winning prize money that the women do.

The younger generations – tomorrow's movers and shakers – apparently agree.  Just consider that when University of Maryland students were approached in 2016 and asked to sign a petition to have a strong, tall, athletic young man play on the women's basketball team, 98 percent happily put pen to paper (video below).

As I've written in the past, the "transgender" agenda has no good science behind it.  It is our day's Lysenkoism.  But science is a white male thing, too.  Camille Paglia once related that in the 1970s, feminists would angrily corner her on college campuses, insisting that hormones didn't exist and that even if they did, they couldn't possibly influence behavior.  The feminist line always was that the sexes are the same except for the superficial physical differences.  So why segregate sports?  It's demeaning to women to claim they can't compete with men.

There are those who hear a McKinnon story and, being good pander-bears, suggest we establish a "transgender" athletic category to end the controversy.  But why create more division when we can have less?  We could have perpetuated the Negro Leagues – and just argued about equal prize money – but we instead opted for true equality.  Be like G.W. Bush, my fellow Americans: a uniter, not a divider.

So let's end women's sports – before the MMW do it for us.  It would serve as a good lesson to those who really need it.

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