Hey, lefties! Remember all that crowdfunding cash you paid to Stormy Daniels?


Stormy Daniels, who raised nearly $600,000 from leftists for her legal fees in her quest to Get Trump with tales of her sleazy encounters with him, is indeed going to be paying some legal bills.  According to the New York Times:

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by the pornographic film actress Stephanie Clifford against President Trump, ruling that the president had not defamed her on Twitter last spring and ordering her to pay his legal fees.

The tweet in question was posted by the president on April 18, one day after Ms. Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels, posted a sketch of a man who, she alleged, threatened her in 2011 as she was first considering speaking out about the affair she said she had with Mr. Trump.  Mr. Trump called the sketch "a total con job," depicting "a nonexistent man."

Here is the actual tweet:

Seems it's Trump's legal fees she's going to be paying, and the cash she raised from the leftists is about to go straight into President Trump's pocket.  Talk about own-goal.

The satisfying conclusion to the rest of us just goes to show that crowdfunding can be more than bribery; it can actually backfire.  That seems to be what's happened this time around.

The Daniels case is significant because, as Vox notes, Stormy was sort of the pioneer in this case, calling for dollars for herself like a whorehouse stripper in her panties, because she claimed she wanted to defend herself from "the intimidation and tactics used against me."

According to Vox:

Julia Salasky, the founder of CrowdJustice, told me donors seem to see in the Daniels case a scenario where an everyday individual is "going up against a Goliath."

"This is an individual who's up against the most powerful man in the world, and she's leveraging support from thousands of people to do that," she said.  "It's extremely motivating to be someone who's participating in that, no matter the outcome of the legal case."

The comments on the campaign website reflect excitement that Daniels and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, are going after Trump, as well as gratitude, encouragement, and some snark.

"You'll go down in history as having helped bring the lying orange traitor down!" one donor wrote.  "You can spare us the details about his 'junk,' though."

"Keep fighting the fight against the toxic patriarchy, Stephanie," wrote another.

Oh how the lefties got excited.  They bought into her line about defending herself, but the tone of their comments suggests they knew the score.  Actually, Daniels was the aggressor here – she's the one who initiated the junk lawsuit in her bid to "get Trump."  A judge found the whole thing junk and not only threw the whole thing out, but demanded she pay up.

Nice shot, lefties.  You just opened your bankbooks for Trump.

Image credit: Alan from Chicago via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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