Eric Holder joins Republicans' get-out-the-vote effort

Exactly four weeks before Election Day, and just as early voting kicks off in many states, the former chief law enforcement officer of the United States threatens physical violence against Republicans.

In an already infamous video, Eric Holder – Barack Obama's attorney general and current partner at D.C.'s powerhouse law firm Covington & Burling – urges activists to reject Michelle Obama's advice ("when they go low, we go high") and tells an enthusiastic crowd to "kick" Republicans when they are down:

Holder joins Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and a growing tide of Democrat "leaders" in going thug.  Obviously, they hope to tap into the frustration of Trump-haters and mobilize support for their own political aspirations.  Holder, who wants to run for president, faces a crowded field of other African-Americans seeking the nomination: Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and maybe Deval Patrick.  With blacks accounting for a quarter of the Democrats' base, party leaders want at least one African-American on the ticket to drive black turnout to Obama-like levels.  But with three or four black candidates to pick from, in order to stand out, Holder may have decided to go outflank the others in perceived militancy.

The Democrats are seriously scaring other Americans.  Last night, President Trump called Holder's injunction to violence a "disgrace."

Expect him to harp on the theme of violence and lawlessness for the remainder of his very active campaigning for the midterms.

Until the Democrats pilloried Brett Kavanaugh with unsubstantiated charges and started a campaign of physical intimidation, there was danger of a blue wave, owing to greater Democrat anger.  Anger drives voters better than happiness with a good economy.  But that very anger of Democrats is scaring Republicans and plenty of independents.

I don't think Holder is intentionally helping the GOP, but he might as well be.

Image credit: YouTube screen grab.

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