Don't like her, don't believe her

I stopped by my sister's house last weekend, a Saturday tradition that began when my mother was still alive and traded venues upon her death.  Some of my other siblings show up frequently, the food is great, and the conversation is on par.  We are all conservative; my sister thinks there is something genetic in us that makes this so. We jumped right to politics, and I was disarmed to hear that my family thinks Christine Blasey Ford is a sympathetic character who believes her story but is confused about Brett Kavanaugh. Well, I don't think she is sympathetic at all.  I think she is a lifelong liar who has always controlled everybody around her by playing up her weakness.  She learned this technique at the knee of liberalism and has now brought her talent for manipulation to full fruition and command. For the best part of my life, liberalism has coached up feebleness.  Liberals told black people the system is against...(Read Full Post)
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