China spy busted: Who, again, started the China trade war?

In what was hailed as a rare espionage victory against China, U.S. officials successfully extradited a Chinese intelligence official lured to Belgium back to the U.S. on charges of economic espionage.  According to the New York Times: The extradition on Tuesday of the officer, Yanjun Xu, a deputy division director in China's main spy agency, the Ministry of State Security, is the first time that a Chinese intelligence official has been brought to the United States to be prosecuted and tried in open court.  Law enforcement officials said that Mr. Xu tried to steal trade secrets from companies including GE Aviation outside Cincinnati, in Evendale, Ohio, one of the world's top jet engine suppliers for commercial and military aircraft. The Times report, which is good, notes that this kind of economic secret-stealing is business as usual for the Chicoms, whose national security strategy seems to be premised on thievery instead of...(Read Full Post)
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