Chelsea's plan for dynastic succession comes into focus

Three big clues tell the story of how Chelsea Clinton will be inserted into elective federal office, to head the Clinton Machine for another generation.  The vast political apparatus, assembled by Chelsea Clinton's parents, and amply funded by the Clinton Foundation piggybank, needs a successor as its standard-bearer now that Hillary Clinton's political future is a joke.  After all, nobody is going to elect John Podesta, Sid Blumenthal, or the other operatives to office.  They need someone with the name "Clinton" because those who worship government love dynasties, and Chelsea's all they've got (kind of like the Kennedys after Joe, John, and Bobby were killed off).  She has inherited no more of Bill's political genius than his looks, but as the old saying has it, "you go to war with the army you've got."

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

The only question is how to start her off into political office, and now we know what the plan is, thanks to an interview Chelsea granted to the local newspaper, the Journal News, serving Westchester County, where Chappaqua, New York is located.  That's the first clue.  The headline of the interview article is the second clue: "Exclusive: Chelsea Clinton mulling political office: If someone 'steps down or retires.'", who could possibly retire and leave a seat open for the heiress apparent?  The third clue is the current member of the House of Representatives in the 17th Congressional District of New York, where the nominal but official residence of the Clinton Dynasty is located.  The fact that Chelsea lives in Manhattan in an apartment reportedly purchased for ten million dollars several years ago is as irrelevant as Hillary's lack of ties to New York before she ran for the Senate.  

Chappaqua's House member is Nita Lowey, eighty-one years old and a lock to be re-elected to Congress in the deep blue district in a week and a half.  "If someone retires" can be translated as "when Congresswoman Lowey retires."  If she wants the benefits of a continued alliance with the Clinton Machine, she will take the hint and let Hillary, Bill, John, Sid, Philippe, and the rest of the gang know that the campaign for Chelsea in 2020 can start now.

The House of Representatives is perfect for baby's first political office.  The Senate would be seen as too far a reach, and besides, Chuck Schumer would never step down while he can still fog a mirror, and Kirsten Gillibrand still has a least a couple of terms ahead of her before being willing to hand over the seat.  With the prospects of Democrat majority in the House more likely than one in the Senate, the opportunities for high visibility and maybe a piece or two of legislation bearing her name (a putative "track record") are greater there.

You heard it here first: get ready for Representative Chelsea Clinton to be inaugurated as Chappaqua's congresswoman in early 2021.