Don't fall for the cascade of media lies this election season

The media are in the business of selling political narratives.  It is incorrect to think the media are "reporting the facts."  Those days, if they ever existed, are gone.  As consumers of news, we must always be skeptical and always look for the motives behind the stories.

Elections can turn on powerful narratives, so enormous effort is put into developing useful political storylines.  When Obama's good friend, leftist activist Robert Creamer, wanted to create a media narrative about violent Trump-supporters, for the 2016 election, he hired and trained people to instigate violence at rallies, film the violence, and thus help the media sell their desired narrative. James O'Keefe provided undercover video proving that this happened.

If you have the media on your side, narratives are not that difficult to produce.  If, for example, real leftist violence is hurting your chances in an upcoming election, you could easily produce a counter-narrative.  You could make totally fake bombs and mail them to Democrat leaders.  We don't know if that happened this week, but it certainly would be easy, and it would allow the lackeys in the media to tell the stories they are anxious to tell.

If Democrats have a problem with waning support from Hispanics, they could have a "caravan" of "refugees" head for the border right about now.  The stories the media will tell you about this caravan are probably already written and will contain the following: Trump is a racist and hates Hispanics, Trump is cruel, borders are cruel, etc.  There will be touching vignettes of sympathetic women and children (though the vast majority of the invaders are young males).

One tiresome lie that we hear during every election season is that Republicans are working hard to enact laws to keep black people from voting.  It would be wonderful if some of the people asserting this were asked to give evidence for the claim.  There is no evidence.  Any statement from them that implies that black people are not competent enough to get IDs simply shows their own racism.

It is amazing to see how easy it is for the media to change course on a narrative when it suits their purposes.  When being tough on borders was something the Democrats embraced (enjoy this video compilation of Democrats talking tough about illegal aliens), the media supported that position.  When Trump says exactly the same things, we are told he is a shocking, neo-Nazi racist.  Trump was never called a racist during his long career.  Now he is a Klansman, we are told.

Many political narratives are created from fraudulent acts.  Fraudulent hate crimes are practically a cottage industry, as you can see here and here.  Books have been written about this.  In a country where hate crimes against blacks, Muslims, or gay people are common, fraudulent hate crimes would not be necessary.  We live in a country where such crimes are so rare that they need to be manufactured.

You may have seen the bumper sticker: "Socialism, an Idea So Good, It Must Be Enforced By Guns."  Some leftist narratives are considered so good that they are practically required beliefs.  Beliefs about gender and global warming are two examples.  People are shamed, and some are seriously punished for "improper" views on marriage...or on the desirability of having men calling themselves women compete with actual women in athletic events...or on the propriety of men entering women's bathrooms if they feel like it.  Leftist wrath will descend on anyone who expresses opposing views.

There have been serious proposals to punish people who have politically incorrect views about global warming, despite the fact that skepticism is an essential part of science.  The required belief is the following: politicians can vote to change the climate of the world, making the temperature stable and decreasing bad storms.

Fortunately, not all dishonest attempts to influence elections work as planned.  Dan Rather, just before a presidential election, used forged and false documents in an attempt to harm George Bush.  It was people outside the mainstream media who exposed the fraud.  Perhaps the biggest attempt to sway an election with a false narrative was the collaboration among the Hillary campaign, top government officials, and the media to sell the "Trump colluded with Putin to steal the election" story.  That hoax is still in existence as a media narrative.  It didn't destroy Trump the first time, but they are still trying.

As we approach these midterm elections, it is certain that the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, is making plans for a powerful barrage of stories aimed at energizing Democrats and demoralizing Republicans.  The stories need not bear any relation to reality.