Another leftist restaurant harassment of a Republican - with a different ending

The antifa-style left, egged on by Democrats to harass Republicans in public places, is at it again, targeting a Republican in a restaurant. But this time things didn't go the way they thought it would go.

A pack of them went after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as he dined in a Cuban-style restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, along with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, mobbing, screaming, throwing trash and basically doing what they do best.

As Marketwatch reported:

It all started when the two were out at popular Cuban restaurant Havana Rumba on Friday and some angry diners decided to approach their table, including the man in this video snippet from TMZ:

“Oh yeh, why don’t you get out of here?” the protester says. “Why don’t you leave our entire country.”

TMZ reported that the protester, before the camera started rolling, slammed his fists on the table and threw food out of the restaurant.

Chao actually engaged with the man, but McConnell, who’s dealt with this kind of public treatment before, appears unruffled, sipping his drink.

BuzzFeed reported that, off camera, another woman approached McConnell and started screaming at the top of her lungs, yelling ‘you’re a traitor to this country’ repeatedly and told him how he was ruining this country.” The woman then left the restaurant and flipped the middle finger at McConnell through the window.

Here's the TMZ video from Andrew Malcolm's Twitter feed:



Same act they put on for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, and White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

But this, time, things didn't go the way they thought things would go. Patrons, the people they could care less about disturbing as they made their protests, rose up, waved their hands, and confronted the screamers, protesting their disturbance of the peace. In fact, they told them to get the hell out, their presence was not desirable. One man in a camouflage hunters hat got right in their faces as they bayed, with theis very sentiment. 

The jackasses fled, leaving a mess as they always do.

But something about this incident suggests an end to the narrative. The public is fed up, and won't stand for this anymore. Obviously, they no longer are interested in playing unwilling audience to the left's theatrics and thuggery, and that's going to affect how many more of these incidents there are, particularly with everything being filmed and posted to the Internet. The screamers no longer look heroic and the public, who are a proxy for voters, aren't going to stand for their little act much longer.

In fact, the reaction suggests the act has gotten old.

Which pretty well lets the air out of the balloon for the leftists, who thrive on making themselves media sensations.

Has the buttle burst? This citizen reaction to the tantrums -- and Mitch McConnell's imperturbability in the face of screaming - certain suggests so.


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