A master smackdown for Ben Rhodes on Twitter

Ben Rhodes came out with his usual smarm and sanctimony, tweeting something about Republicans not liking voting rights, as if such a thing were the Republican, rather than the Democratic, Party's historic legacy.

The former deputy national security adviser who couldn't get a security clearance without a waiver was, after all, President Obama's "mind meld," and if you've ever wondered why Obama always sounded so smarmy and sanctimonious, well, now you know who was writing his Teleprompter.  Naturally, Rhodes went after President Trump for calling for electoral integrity, a big issue for Republicans who have watched Al Franken take a Senate seat after a suspiciously small recount victory and then cast the deciding vote for Obamacare.  Funny how he still has his security clearance with that kind of sniping.

All was going well, and Rhodes's Twitter echo chamber was cheering him, giving him 19,440 "likes..."

...until his tweet was spotted by the steel-trap legal mind of Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, who firmly gave him the kibosh:

Rhodes came out looking like a boob after that, which is what he's been all along.

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