Who can properly investigate the Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis?

In recent weeks , there's been considerable coverage and chatter in the mainstream media, on social media, and in the Catholic blogosphere on the fallout over the Pennsylvania grand jury report, not to mention the Pope Francis versus Archbishop Viganò controversy, which has basically developed into a full-blown Catholic civil war.  Sides are being taken by those who have strong feelings on the latest crisis in the Church. For better or worse (probably more the latter), many Catholics aren't too interested in what's happening in the Church.  We just have to let them be.  Hopefully, at least some will soon wake up and see that we're in the midst of profound spiritual warfare.  On the other hand, if they're indeed striving to live as faithful Catholics while paying little to no attention to the news, I certainly can't be critical of them. But back to the crisis at hand. Joseph Shaw makes an excellent...(Read Full Post)
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