What else could happen in Brazil?

Down in Brazil, it's one crazy story after another. A week ago, the Supreme Court denied former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva an opportunity to run for election from prison. A day later, the right-center candidate was stabbed during a campaign stop. It's hard to make up stuff like that. So what happens in a month, when Brazilians vote?  According to NPR, Mr. Bolsonaro may be gaining as he recovers in the hospital: The presidential candidate himself tweeted Saturday afternoon about corruption and freedom, telling followers, "The moment unites and strengthens us.  We are in good hands." A retired army captain, Bolsonaro is leading in the polls, but he has faced condemnation for remarks that his critics have assailed as racist, homophobic and sexist – such as a comment to a congresswoman in 2003 that she did not deserve to be raped by him.  Some observers see his rise...(Read Full Post)
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