What did Judge Hanen say about DACA?

As we've posted before, only Congress can save DACA.  In other words, only the U.S. Congress has the constitutional authority to create a special path to legalization for the "DREAMers."  (In the interest of full disclosure, I support a limited plan that offers legalization based on behavior and schoolwork.  My plan would provide a work visa but no path to citizenship.)  Judge Hanen confused things even more by writing an opinion that is a win and a loss for the DREAMers. It's a win because it keeps DACA in life support for a bit longer. It's a loss because Judge Hanen made it clear, in his words, that he would likely terminate DACA. Furthermore, what program are DREAMers going to sign up for?  There is no DACA.  It phased out last September. So DACA lives on for a bit longer, but not too much longer. President Trump...(Read Full Post)
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