Vote and move forward with Judge Kavanaugh

We were hit on Sunday night by new allegations that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a woman problem.  The allegations are brand-new, and it may take a day or two to clear the dust.

It appears that another woman remembers something from his college days.

I guess we know now what the delay for Christine Braley Ford to testify was all about.  She was buying time to allow the other story to develop.  Maybe I'm too cynical, but it smells as though the delay was planned to give others more time.

The GOP was trying to show respect for Ford.  On the other hand, Ford was being told to delay, like the coach who goes to the mound to give the guy in the bullpen a little bit more time to get ready.

According to Power Line, the whole point is to feed the narrative that Judge Kavanaugh was a repeat offender.  They want to turn Judge Kavanaugh into a Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein character.  Didn't he pass several FBI background checks?

Now it 's up to the GOP.  Republicans can continue the farce and invite the new accuser or take a vote and move on.  If they take a vote, they will have to count on every GOP vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.  If they delay this, then they run the risk of losing the Senate and never putting this good man on the Court.

At the same time, my instincts tell me there are a lot of women watching all of this Kavanaugh show and wondering: Is my husband next?  Or my son?  Or my father?

In other words, it does not take a lot to destroy a man these days.  In fact, just accuse him of something that can't be proven, and you have a friendly media willing to carry the accuser's water.

This is why I continue to believe that this overreach will explode in the Democrats' faces.  Add to all of this the names of Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Senator Tom Carper of Delaware, and DNC #2 Keith Ellison, and the party may regret the whole thing.

Worst of all, whatever happened to justice for the accused?  I guess it does not apply to any conservative who believes that abortion should be settled by states rather than justices.

I repeat: there is a woman out there wondering if her husband is next.  She will not be voting for the Democrats in a few weeks.

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