They used to be a serious political party

Another Friday, another good report about the lowest jobless claims since 1969, the month "Sugar Sugar" was on Top 40 Radio.

So are the Democrats cheering the good news?  No, they are destroying themselves with their obsession to defend Roe v. Wade at any cost.

The latest example is the circus around Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Once upon a time, a man with his credentials would have been confirmed to the Supreme Court on a voice vote.  There would have been no controversy at all.

Well, that was then, and this is now, as the editorial in the New York Post reminds us:

Democrats on Tuesday proved they're not out to carefully consider Christine Blasey Ford's accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  They just want to use it as the pretext to keep the circus running for weeks.

Led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, they're now demanding a long, drawn-out investigation into Ford's sexual-assault allegation.  But what's to investigate?  She can't give a specific time and place for the event; is the FBI supposed to track down everyone who attended a high-school party in the DC suburbs in 1982?

Meanwhile, the accuser still hasn't responded to numerous requests from the Senate Judiciary Committee to arrange the testimony she claims she wants to give – raising questions about whether she'll even show up at Monday's hearing.

This is a circus, a travesty, and any other term you might think of.

This is not justice or good for the many women in the country who are real victims of sexual misconduct.

Senator Feinstein and her colleagues are obsessed with a 36-year-old accusation that can't be proved or disproved but overlook recent charges against Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Keith Ellison, running for attorney general in Minnesota.

This storm will pass, and Judge Kavanaugh will soon be Justice Kavanaugh.  My anger, and that of many "fellow red-wavers," will have its day on the first Tuesday of November.

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