These are the people who want to control you

Liberal Democrats desire only one mechanism for all mankind: liberal control over all mankind. The joke is that liberals are not yet mature enough to control themselves. So what do liberals in control look like?  Here are a few examples from the week just ended. Liberals in control looks like Serena Williams pitching a fit when suddenly realizing she is going to lose the U.S. Open title to Naomi Osaka.  Williams asserts that she is fighting for her daughter, for women, for black people, for equal treatment from tennis officials, for her honor, and all the little fishies in the sea. And you thought she was just playing tennis!  Oh, no, she's way bigger than that. On video, Serena alternates among rage, insults, and tearful protestation.  What political party does that remind you of?  Her display of bad manners and poor sportsmanship was received warmly by liberal columnists, who would agree that although scoring much...(Read Full Post)
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