The trial that will ‘tear Chicago apart’ starts this week

Chicago may be on its way to its own version of the Rodney King beating trial. If the name of the defendant whose trial begins after the holiday weekend, Jason Van Dyke, doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the name of his alleged victim will: Laquan McDonald. If you don’t recognize Laquan’s name, then you haven’t been paying attention to the fall of Chicago, with the horrendous murder rate, and the spread of street violence into the toniest neighborhoods. John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, the best columnist in America writing for a metropolitan daily, is well aware of why this trial matters so much and what lies ahead for the city he knows and loves: Van Dyke is the white cop who shot black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times. The video of the shooting was horrific and sparked protests. The trial will be even more emotionally charged. And if he’s acquitted, there is the threat of violence in black neighborhoods as protesters — including those...(Read Full Post)
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