The real takeaway from the Kavanaugh hearings

Just step back from all the noise and look at what is happening with the "news" coverage about Brett Kavanaugh.  The root of this story is simply one woman's partially recovered memory of something she says happened 36 years ago.  The story is completely unsupported by any other evidence.  All of the people who she says were at the party have denied under oath that it happened.

People who say "we need to get to the bottom of this" need to understand that the unsupported story is the bottom of this, the top of this, and the middle of this.  The memory, with no support, is all there is.

There is no "where" to investigate.  There is no "when" to investigate.  There is just a story that cannot possibly be proven, which is why no prosecutor would ever bring charges on this case.

Republicans should have simply stated in the beginning that the vote would not be stopped by this woman's recovered memory.  They could have said Senator Feinstein showed the correct judgment initially when she withheld the unsupportable accusation and did not mention it for months.

But they didn't do that, and the extremely destructive circus ensued (just the way the Democrats had hoped).  It is far from being over.  Just watch.

What I would like to focus on is not the flimsy case against a good man, but how the media and the Democrats (redundant, I know) control the narrative.  Evidence has almost nothing to do with the narratives they sell.  The political goal is always primary; facts are secondary and unnecessary.  The Kavanaugh case is a good example, but there are many other "big" stories that are based on little or nothing.

Trump's collusion with Putin is probably the longest running, fact-free "scandal" in history.  Despite huge amounts of time and money spent looking for evidence, this "huge story" remains completely unsupported by facts.  As in the Kavanaugh case, we have huge numbers of "journalists" and politicians, up in the air, detached from reality, elaborating endlessly on nothing concrete.  They have done this every day for years.

In both of these cases and in others like them, the media control two things:

1. They control the daily narrative, the story they want us to hear and want us to talk about.

2. They control the volume knob for any story.  The Kavanaugh and Trump stories are played at very high volume.  Stories with corroborative facts, like Keith Ellison's or Bill Clinton's abuse of women, may be played at low volume.  Many stories that could legitimately be played on high volume are muted instead because they do not serve the leftists' political goals. 

Google, Twitter, and other information sites are fine-tuning their volume and mute controls to diminish or silence the political opposition.  This is book-burning for the modern era.

It is disturbing to see how easy it is for leftists to control their sheep, who simply believe the propaganda.  Millions of Americans apparently now believe that Brett Kavanaugh is a dangerous rapist and child-abuser.  Many believe he regularly organized gang-rapes at parties.  This does not speak well of the sheep or of their reckless, destructive shepherds.

Sheep like this can be convinced that President Trump is "virtually Hitler."

The sheep are being prodded to turn violent.  They are being taught to hate and being told their hatred is morally praiseworthy.  There are clear parallels here to the creation of Mao's Cultural Warriors.  Mao unleashed masses of ignorant, self-righteous, and violent fools  to make things right.  Overwhelming death and destruction were the result.

Democrats and the media are playing with fire.  They don't care who is burned by their propaganda as long as they are in power after the destruction.

These are dangerous times.

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