Even the AP notices a lot of women are supporting Kavanaugh

Up until now, the Democrats and their media punditocracy have pushed the ‘narrative’ that female voters are all in for the sex-attack testimony of Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, despite the latter’s lifetime spotless record, and Republicans who believe Kavanaugh are likely to pay by losing the Senate at midterms, owing to all the angry female voters who will vote against them.

Well, not exactly.

Even the Associated Press has, rather astonishingly, noticed that a lot of women support Brett Kavanaugh, and these aren't the ones who actually know him, writing:

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — As the Senate is divided on President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, so too are women across the country.

Female voices have echoed throughout the U.S. Senate this week demanding male senators justify their support for Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination despite an allegation of high school sexual assault.

But other women have spent hours calling Senate offices in support of Kavanaugh, condemning what they saw as an anti-Republican ploy that’s damaged not only Kavanaugh’s reputation and livelihood but also his accuser’s.

Given that news agency’s recent record of leftist bias, a story like this, giving coverage to both points of view instead of just one, represents a seismic shift. AP found a YouGov poll that shows very marginal differences between women who believe Ford and women who believe Kavanaugh, and even found a group of women in South Carolina, who support Kavanaugh, complete with pro-Kavanaugh tshirts. Note how young those faces look in that crowd.



Other news agencies have picked up on it, too, and either spread the AP story around, or else done their own stories. It's getting out there. The New York Post, Yahoo! News, and even the New York Daily News all ran with the story.





Which goes to show that women at a minimum are as divided as men on the matter, and that could have implications for the midterms as wobbly Republicans decide among themselves whether kowtowing to every Democratic demand is going to help them at midterms or not. YouGov concludes that it’s not having much of an effect on how people plan to vote at all.

What it also shows is that if women are experience-oriented in their support for the Blasey Ford narrative, well, those same women are also using their experience as the basis of their support for the Kavanaugh defense. The press up until now says that the Blasey Ford testimony has potential to galvanize the female vote because so many women have experienced or known someone who has experienced a sex attack of the kind Blasey Ford described - which is where the Democrat-oriented 'Believe women' slogan comes from.

But there’s more than one experience operative here. Most women also know that most men are good men who wouldn’t dream of attacking a woman – and a heck of a lot of such guys are guys like Kavanaugh. What’s more, they also know of good men who have been falsely accused, and how every element of the law is stacked against them based on political correctness mania in universities and elsewhere. They also have fathers, brothers, and sons and potential sons and they do not want this sort of nightmare to ever happen to them. So there is a sympathy factor from that direction, too.

This comes even as many believe that Blasey Ford may be telling the truth about being attacked, but has the identity of the perpetrator in that hazy, faded memory of hers entirely wrong.

On the Kavanaugh side, there are likely women who believe both, all or in part, because they know that such things as witness mistakes, or even lying, happen - even if the accuser is female. Being female gives no get-out-of-jail pass for facts.

What it signals is that Republicans should recognize they’ve been rolled enough by Democrats and make no further concessions to their demands for additional delay, The facts from the weeklong FBI investigation will fall where they will, and the women’s vote as an emotional grounds driver of votes is not what the Democrat narrative says it is. Republicans are never going to get the votes of the hard left, whose main priority is abortion, so they need to stand up to the Democrat games-playing. This AP story shows that the much-feared women’s vote is not going to be as decisive as doing the right thing.

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