The malevolent lynching of Kavanaugh

The left's smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has descended into the worst kind of buffoonery.  It was clearly planned many months in advance and orchestrated by a bevy of Democrats from Dianne Feintstein to Ford's lawyer, Debra Katz, and Rickie Seidmon, a vicious veteran strategist of the Bork Senate Judiciary hearings. 

Blasey-Ford has surrounded herself with Alinskyite leftists for whom no dirty trick is too low in service of taking out an opponent.   That so many members of Congress are willing to participate in this wholesale destruction of a good and qualified man over a 36-year-old  fact-free accusation is appalling.  

This is the saddest commentary on the state of American politics today -- along with the outpouring of evidence that higher-ups in the Obama administration, in conjunction with the DOJ, NSA, and FBI, actually did conspire to  destroy Trump, both before and after his election, simply because they do not like him and cannot accept his victory over the most corrupt candidate for the office of the presidency ever is beyond sad; it is lethal for the United States.  The left is killing America and it is purposeful.  Trump is trying to save the nation and doing a damn good job of it, a shockingly good job.  So the left hates him even more for  exposing the lies of their contrary agenda.

As for Christine Blasey-Ford, her scrubbed but still available captioned high-school year-book photos reveal a private girls' school  that reveled in underage drinking, partying, and promiscuity, even the preying on of younger boys.  It may be a leap, but the evidence implies Blasey was a party animal without the boundaries to which lesser privileged teens would have been bound.  

While a girl's or a woman's life style, no matter how promiscuous, is never an excuse for abuse, let alone attempted rape, her behavior is very much relevant when she makes accusations for which she herself may have been responsible, especially if she was drunk.  That she is using this 36-year-old foggy “recovered” memory to take down one of the most qualified persons ever nominated to the Supreme Court is reprehensible.  She knows it.  Every member of the Democratic Party knows it.  They all know Kavanaugh is a good and decent man and that he is extraordinarily qualified to be a Justice.  What roils them is his devotion to the Constitution and his prodigious knowledge of it and all its ramifications. 

But to them, the left,  their loss is an excuse to act out in the most craven, vicious manner.  They have all been schooled in the Alinskyite method so embraced by Obama. If the same tactics were ever to be employed against them, the mainstream media would suffer a major meltdown.  Not until Trump has any Republican fought back against the left with the tactics of their own template -- and they are stunned.  How dare he use their long-perfected strategies against them.  Oh, the horror!

There is a profound difference between the American left and right in 2018.  The left, since their electoral loss, has been distraught, angry, and insane. After two years, they are still unable to accept the results of the election.  They accuse Trump of all manner of crimes, not one of which he is guilty.  He is not guilty of collusion with Russia nor is he guilty of a single impeachable crime.  And yet the loathsome Maxine Waters calls for his impeachment seemingly on a daily basis and her party does nothing to temper her hysteria.   The right, on the other hand, is annoyingly compliant and submissive to the left. 

But we must consider the left's reliance on the judiciary.  They have successfully and destructively transformed American culture through the courts, never by electoral victory.  Roe v. Wade, same-sex marriage -- all the social issues victories of the left have been court-mandated, and have gone against public opinion.  When public opinion has gone against the left, they turn to the courts.  California’s  Prop. 8, the legalization of   gay marriage, was voted down by California voters but overturned by the Ninth Circuit.  As Mark Levin has often remarked, SCOTUS is the left's Politburo.  It is how they impose their love of authoritarianism on us all.  Everything today's left stands for is antithetical to everything the Founders envisioned, and for what they spent years devising the greatest politicaldocument ever written.

What the left is doing to Kavanagh, the notion that a 36 year-old accusation without any details - time, place, persons - is a viable allegation worthy of attention is ludicrous in the extreme.  The screaming members of Congress and the media are making utter fools of themselves by pretending this is important enough to take Kavanaugh down.  Very few, if any, sentient women truly believe Blasey Ford.  She may have endured an unpleasant incident with a drunk boy, but she likely has no idea who he was.  That the Democrats have latched onto her pathetic tale is indicative of their vacuity.  Our left no longer values decency over indecency, good over evil.  They only value the opportunity to destroy their ideological opponents by any means necessary. 

We are indeed engaged in a cultural and political civil war.  The left has achieved victories repeatedly even when Republicans have been in the majority.  Democrats fight dirty. Republicans capitulate, over and over again. They cower and fear the negative press that is the rule in the odious mainstream media.  But who on this planet with an intact mind automatically believes anything the NYT or the WaPo publishes?  Current events junkies know to ignore them; they are merely arms of the DNC,  calculated promoters of leftist propaganda.  

If the specious claims of Blasey Ford succeed in derailing Kavanaugh, we are done as a democratic republic.  The Left will have won.  They have already won on university campuses.  If this amazing nominee to the Court is  destroyed, it means the entire country is at the mercy of the totalitarian pols and  blinkered, mind-numbed academics.  Republicans in Congress:  DO NOT LET HIS HAPPEN.  They will use this victory over you to forever alter the character of this nation.

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