The Democrats' FBI sham

We have reached a time where a political party is willing, for political ends, to uproot core individual protections for the accused.  Laws concerning libel, slander, rules of evidence, rules of procedure, rules of confidentiality, and basic propriety are all cast aside.  The kicker?  The Democrats have repeatedly pushed the idea that if we just had an FBI investigation, the truth would be revealed. 

The first lie in this was the implication that the FBI had done nothing so far.  The second lie is worse, and it is this: that a government entity, the FBI, can reliably discover or discern the truth.  If the FBI could be used to reach absolute conclusions about guilt or innocence for any alleged crime, then we would not need juries to deliberate and decide whether they think someone is guilty or not guilty.  If the FBI could be a reliable window into any event in the past, we would not need a criminal justice system – the system we created so that a reasonable "verdict" can be reached in our society.

That system is designed for justice.  Justice depends on confirming that a crime occurred and confirming who did it.  Justice also depends on protecting individuals from (intentional or inadvertent) false and damning accusations.  Blasey Ford's allegation that an event occurring 36 years ago represented a crime and that Judge Kavanaugh committed it is impossible to prove or disprove, particularly because it is uncorroborated, a recovered memory, and denied by the people whom the accuser lists as participants. 

In a serious justice system, such an accusation would never have been transmitted publicly to the world stamped with capitalized letters as "credible."  Judge Kavanaugh was, in that moment, criminally maligned.  A man who has spent his life ensuring that individual rights of justice were upheld both on and off the bench was denied them in a horrific display of malicious partisanship.

"All the world's a stage," wrote Shakespeare. The Democrats staged an event to gut the judge of his honor.  May God help us when people with dishonor gainsay the honorable.

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