Some laws are more settled than others

We've heard over and over about "settled law" from Democrats.  Of course, this is their way of defending Roe v. Wade. For the record, I don't think Supreme Court opinions are law.  They are opinions that can be changed by future justices.  Unlike laws, they can be overturned by a single justice.  Laws, on the other hand, have to be repealed, requiring a vote and presidential signature. Nevertheless, the Democrats have a funny way of practicing their "settled law" dogma. We learned this week that California has not accepted the Janus decision about public-sector unions.  This is from Eric Boston: In June, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down longstanding precedent by ruling that public sector unions could not force workers to pay dues if those same workers decline to join the union. The ruling significantly reshapes the role that public sector unions play in American...(Read Full Post)
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