Mister Chief Justice: You have a major problem

The chief justice of the Supreme Court is ultimately responsible for protecting all Americans from the growing evil of the 21st-century surveillance state.  This is because the FISC judges are unique in American history and are the wholly owned responsibility of Chief Justice John Roberts, who alone appoints them.  To take the great Harry Truman quote when president: "the buck stops here," the sacred social contract of his stewardship in owning the FISC-appointed judges means that the buck stops with the chief justice. This is important because, in 1978, with various amendments along the way, no one saw the tremendous power of the surveillance state's technological imperatives.  Technology is politically neutral; how it has been politically applied is the issue. Official portrait of the chief justice of the United States. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 was enacted into law: Through FISA, Congress...(Read Full Post)
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