Lots of anger and questions about that fire in Rio

As you may have heard, there was a huge museum fire down in Rio.  Apparently, there were many important historical artifacts lost in the blaze. At first, everyone was shocked at the news. Then everyone blamed the bureaucracy, as we see in this report: In the months and years before Brazil's National Museum was consumed by fire on Sunday, federal prosecutors, researchers and even the museum's own administration warned that neglect had turned the 200-year-old institution into a tinderbox. On Tuesday, evidence of this disregard came to light even as workers sifted through what little is left of the 20-million-item collection.  The devastation has come to symbolize what many Brazilians see as a nation in disrepair because of widespread corruption and a wholesale decline in government services. "We knew that the fire one day was bound to happen," said Marcelo Weksler, a curator of the mammals exhibit.  "Everybody here...(Read Full Post)
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