Government by the madding crowd

On Friday, Arizona's Senator Jeffrey Lane Flake was accosted by a coven of screaming harpies in a U.S. Capitol Building elevator, so unnerving him that he decided to throw Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh under the bus by agreeing to Democrat confirmation delay tactics.  That this brief encounter should invalidate Flake's lifetime of learned and lived experiences of fairness, family, and religion, plus cause him to ignore his earlier press release announcing his support for Kavanaugh, defies rationality.

With this one craven act, Flake may well have scuttled Kavanaugh's chances of confirmation, for in the extra time allotted for an FBI investigation, the Democrat character assassins will undoubtedly scour Kavanaugh's tax returns and personal emails should they gain access to them, as well as the backgrounds of Kavanaugh's wife, parents, and relatives, for any dirt they can find.  They are sure to find something, which will immediately be leaked to the ravening media to feed the latest Roman circus outrage, AKA news, cycle.

Flake has also opened the floodgates for further episodes of intimidation against Republicans and conservatives.  By caving in to and thereby rewarding the madding crowd, Flake has encouraged even more of its outrageous behavior.  Undoubtedly, at this moment, gangs of liberal thugs and hooligans are hard at work planning further high-decibel encounters with Flake and other Republicans. 

So now decisions are to be made by Washington lawmakers based on emotion and the loudest screaming voices, while honest and upright men are judged solely by their behavior in high school, conservatives are guilty as charged until proven innocent, and female accusers can point fingers without consequence while our traditions of justice are consigned to the privy.

Unless and until men start acting like men, this will only get worse, thanks to Jeff Flake and to his spineless ilk in our government.

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