Dems will use #MeToo to get you, too

In the circus that was the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, we saw a woman with multiple degrees who is proud to know so very little about so much and who can't remember even recent things.  I think that had I taken a polygraph test on the day after my grandmother's funeral, I would remember it.  But not "Chrissy" – she is an empty abyss, down which all memories of any importance disappear.  She can't remember "when" or "where," but she is 100% sure that it was Kavanaugh who assaulted her.

(Let's stop calling being groped "rape."  It may be sexual assault, but it is not rape.  To call it so cheapens the suffering of countless woman who throughout history were real victims of rape.)

The glasses were a nice touch, oversized to make her look childish, complementary to the tiny, childlike voice and the studied immaturity.  She tried so hard to cry, but the tears just wouldn't come (at least not like Kavanaugh – probably because his were real).  It was also genius to have her continually call Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh "Brett."  It dispensed with his many achievements as well as making him seem like a close friend who betrayed her in the most heinous of ways. 

Taking up six minutes of the first ten allotted Republican minutes to correct a letter she herself wrote was also brilliant.  This Ford was prone to stalling.

Oh, and poor Christine, so afraid to fly, yet forced to traipse the globe on jets.

And now for her supporters and champions: they are the vanguard of the Democratic Party, including a woman who had a Chinese spy working for her for twenty years; a man who lied about serving in Vietnam; a guy who readily admits that at 17, he committed the very same crime they collectively were accusing Kavanaugh of (and who has a make-believe friend named T-Bone); a woman who began her political career by having an affair with Willie Brown; and a woman who, echoing rape apologists of the past, thinks men should "shut up" and take it. 

Coincidentally, Blasey Ford's attorney's office once represented fellow accuser Julie Swetnick, of the now discredited gang-rape allegations, in a sexual harassment case she had against a former employer.  Small world, isn't it? 

These are the people who would sit in judgment of the rest of us.

Democrats are willing to surrender all pretense of morality in order to get what they want – and they do it with smiles on their faces and no concern for how much it costs anyone personally or the nation nationally.  It's just that simple.  Watch them for any amount of time, and you will feel as dirty as they claim Kavanaugh is, as they believe we are.

In the world they want us to live in, that they themselves refuse to live in, an accusation is supposed to be enough to ruin a man, a family, a reputation, and a career.  Truth is unimportant.  In fact, truth is an impediment, something to be ignored in service of the greater good, which is their good.   

But Kavanaugh, he wouldn't take his destruction in stride like the good deplorable he is.  He fought back – and splendidly, with admirable eloquence and compassion.   He demanded the presumption of innocence, which in the Democrats' world is afforded only to other Democrats.  It was rousing.  It was dramatic.  It was poignant. 

It was also a disaster for the Democrats' dream of railroading an honorable man, guilty of nothing, who merely and nobly wants to serve this nation, and perhaps return it to the course set by the actual words written down in our Constitution, our founding document.

Select Republicans fought back as well.  Most notable was Senator Graham, who had his "Have you no shame?" moment.  It wasn't exactly Spartacus, but it was something to see and revel in.

The Democrats did themselves no favor by continually asking Kavanaugh to insist on an FBI investigation, apparently unaware that the entire country knows that it would mean another delay.  Citizens also know that an investigation easily could have been completed in the time between when Feinstein received the letter and when, after it was leaked to destroy Ford's anonymity, she released it to the committee.  Americans are not stupid; they know that Democrats want a delay until after the midterms, when, if they take the Senate, the Kavanaugh nomination can be killed and the seat held open until after the 2020 presidential election.

Ah, the leaking of the letter.  Ford said only her attorneys and Feinstein had it.  But who leaked it?  Feinstein said, "It was not me."  She said, "It was not my staff."  Then, being the Democrat that she is, she suggested that perhaps Ford leaked it herself.

She threw the poor "rape" victim under the bus – just as any Democrat would do to you or me were any of us to get in his way.  Woe to anyone who tries to separate the Democrats from power and the wealth that comes with it.

"Due process is the foundation of the American way of law," Kavanaugh said.  It's too bad the Democrats believe that it applies only to them.  We had better pay attention, because we could easily be next.

William L. Gensert can be found on Twitter at @williamlgensert.

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