DC police investigating murder of white jogger as a hate crime

Washington, D.C. police are investigating the savage stabbing death of a white jogger by a black man as a potential hate crime.

Wendy Martinez was allegedly stabbed 7 times by 23 year old Anthony Crawford. Video of the aftermath of the attack (now unavailable) showed Crawford fleeing the scene.

Inside Edition:

Investigators mentioned that Martinez's murder might have been “racially motivated” because Crawford “does not like white people,” according to WUSA9.

Police said the attack was “unprovoked,” and did not appear to be a robbery. Crawford did not cooperate with police, authorities said.

Video footage captured Martinez, who was newly-engaged, stumbling into a Chinese take-out restaurant on Tuesday, covered in blood. She then collapsed.

Police said she’d been stabbed 7 times, including in the neck, face and head.

A bloody knife and blood-covered t-shirt were discovered several blocks away from the stabbing, police said.

Authorities also released footage of the suspect fleeing the scene.

"This is one of those types of unsettling incidents that sometimes happens in a large city, but this seems like a singular incident," Chief of Police Peter Newsham said during a press conference.


Sorry, chief, but that's a load of crap. If the races were reversed, you wouldn't have called the murder "unsettling" that "sometimes" happened or referred to the death of the young woman as a "singular incident." 


It was a picture-perfect night to be outdoors, with temperatures in the 70s and clear skies. As Martinez approached the intersection, people across the street were outside on a restaurant patio, enjoying dinner.

It was then that Martinez was stabbed in what police believe was "more than likely" a random attack. It was an "unprovoked attack" and there is no information to suggest that it was a robbery.

It was concluded that Martinez was stabbed seven times, twice in the head and once in the face around the right side of the neck near the carotid artery.

Martinez's stab wounds were very serious, and she made her way into a nearby Chinese restaurant after the attack.

Surveillance video from the restaurant, which we are not showing due to its graphic nature, shows the woman coming inside the restaurant covered in blood. She appears to be talking to the customers inside before she collapses.

DC Police Chief Peter Newsham said a nurse in close proximity attempted life-saving efforts before emergency crews arrived.

Martinez was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead at 8:23 p.m. A medical examiner determined her death was caused by multiple stab wounds.

Crawford was arrested Wednesday night and charged with first-degree murder while armed in connection with the stabbing. Police said he did not cooperate with investigators, however, they are confident they have the right person.

It's being reported that Crawford may have been high on K2 - synthetic marijuana. The substance can make people violent and unpredictable. Add racial hatred to that mix and Crawford's "unprovoked" outburst seems less so.

If it had been a black woman targeted by a white male - especially in DC - the hate crime aspect of the incident would have been national news. A pretty young woman, engaged to be married, brutally attacked while out for a jog, murdered by a crazed racist - this is a tragedy regardless of the victim's color. However, that this story has flown below the radar points to the continuing double standard in the media when it comes to reporting black on white crime.

And no, it's not "racist" to point that out.

Martinez will be buried in the wedding dress she never got to wear.

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