Would declassifying Russia docs expose former CIA chief John Brennan as a clown?

House Rep. Trey Gowdy, who must be seeing some things on the House Intelligence Committee as a member, told Fox News about a little noted elephant in the room surrounding the outcry over President Trump declassifying documents:

“I’ve read it. Some of it’s embarrassing for the Department of Justice — some of it’s embarrassing for the FBI. Embarrassment is not a reason to classify something,” said Gowdy. “A lot of it should be embarrassing to John Brennan, and maybe therein lies why he is so adamant that this information not be released.”

The elephant in the room is embarrassment. The Fox News report noted that Brennan, a former CIA director under the Obama administration, who opposed the declassification, was also one of the loudest opponents of President Trump's original order (since backtracked, apparently to assuage allies) to declassify documents surrounding the origins of the investigation of Donald Trump. Brennan even went so far as to tell officials to resign rather than let such a thing happen, cloaking himself in the cloak of a necessity to protect America's secrets, with his mouth still going strong with the dagger. He had been big on yelling that President Trump is a 'traitor,' something he himself has backtracked on, given that it proved it wasn't going to do the government much good to allow him to keep his security clearance. The wildly loudmouthed former CIA director lost it, anyway.

Now Gowdy, a South Carolina Republican, who's regrettably leaving Congress, and has nothing to worry about concerning the swamp leverage or retribution, is pretty well letting the cat out of the bag -- that the documents expose Brennan as a complete idiot. He's a dolt, and his dirty underwear could very easily be on display with a Trump declassification. Washington is a status-oriented place, and the exposure of Brennan as a complete fool would cut into his cocktail party invitations. Life's tough for a swamp creature when he becomes a figure of fun. 

No wonder he's yelling so loudly.

Gowdy says that while Trump has withheld declassifying for now, it doesn't mean he won't do it in the future.

That should give Brennan something to think about, awaiting that day when the president should act.

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