Crazy times

Where does one start trying to keep up with the nonsense?  The never-ending "news cycles" (each minutes in length) that demonstrate that utter madness prevails in major portions of society – and that, more, such is being publicly encouraged?

Shall we start with our nation being invited into a session where the Senate is supposedly fixed on its constitutional duty of vetting a judge put forth by the president for the highest court in the land?  There, instead of seeing sobriety and serious discussion, we get to witness a scene reminiscent of a third-grade class going wild under an ill equipped and inexperienced substitute teacher.  Oh, and then to learn that the conduct seen was not just youthful foolishness, but something suggested and largely planned in advance by other members of "the staff."  What are we to make of that?

Are we to be swayed by such a demonstration?  Those who planned and created it think so.

Crazy Times.

What are we to make of a once prestigious newspaper running an op-ed supposedly written by a senior member of the president's staff saying that he – the president – is erratic, disorganized, petty, angry, and confused.  And that this member of staff and others are doing all they can to prevent that president from carrying out his program for the nation – the program the people elected him to do and that, despite such "resistance," he is carrying out to a degree that is nothing less than stunning.

Crazy Times!

What are we to think when a celebrity political writer – one whose fame and reputation are based on his part in destroying the presidency of an earlier Republican president who was strongly supported by the people who elected him – writes and releases a book themed very closely to that of the above mentioned op-ed – and both are coincidentally released together just weeks before a midterm election?

Crazy Times.

What are we to make of the fact that for eight years, the nation had at its helm a man said by the same newspaper to be perhaps the smartest and best qualified man ever to hold the office of president – and that during that time, the nation's economy remained wilted, its defense forces greatly neutered, its people divided and turned one against another?  All this while billions of dollars of the nation's wealth were delivered to a foreign power that publicly said its goal was to destroy us.  And yet that "newspaper of record" posted no such op-ed about his competence.  Nor did the above mentioned writer of such supposed repute publicly come forth with a book devoted to raising the alarm to the nation's danger.  What are we to make of all that?

Crazy Times.

Are we to take note of the fact that in recent years, enormous amounts of power and wealth have moved from citizens and communities that were busy building, making and doing in the private sector – and found its way into the pockets and communities of Washington, D.C. bureaucrats whose very careers and livelihood are threatened by the same sitting president they are so noisily resisting?

What are we to make of this?  Mere coincidence?

Crazy Times.

From the point of view of those screaming "third-graders," these writers and publishers and (supposed) presidential staff workers, we are to make basically nothing of all the above.  We are expected simply to throw up our hands in despair and loss of hope – to no longer trust the man who has finally turned around both our nation's economy and the ship of state – and to entrust the nation, instead, to the screaming third-graders and those who encourage them.

Will we?

I think not.  We know what to make of all the above.  We may live in crazy Times.  But we some time ago stopped reading it.

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