Conclusion from yesterday's hearing: Kavanaugh will be confirmed

Dems and others praised Christine Blasey Ford for reporting and testifying about her claimed Kavanaugh assault incident, but the truth is that her story is not credible, and she lied that Kavanaugh attacked her.  She was used by the Dems to defeat Kavanaugh and Trump.

Yesterday, Blasey Ford said she cannot remember incidents from the past few months but is sure that Kavanaugh attacked her 36 years ago.

She doesn't know, or refused to say, how she got from the swimming pool to the party house and how she got home.  She was too young to drive, so someone had to drive her, and the identity of the driver is important.   The driver would testify how she looked if she had been attacked, and what she said, but she refused to say who drove. 

She cannot remember if she gave her therapy notes to the Washington Post two weeks ago.

There was no testimony as to whether she knew Kavanaugh and Mark Judge before this alleged attack, nor any testimony to describe what Kavanaugh and Judge looked like.  She said she knew that Kavanaugh and Judge would be at the party but gave no testimony as to how she knew them and how she knew they would be at the "gathering."

She couldn't answer if she paid for the polygraph, and her attorneys had to answer that they paid for the polygraph.

She hired the attorney, Katz, recommended by Senator Feinstein.  Instead of reporting the allegation to the entire Judiciary Committee, Feinstein referred her to an activist Dem attorney.

She says she told her therapist in 2012, during couples' therapy, that Kavanaugh attacked her, but the therapist notes do not have Kavanaugh's name.  She was in couples' therapy because of home remodeling issues between her and her husband: she wanted two front doors because of her claustrophobia.  This is the impetus to make her report the attack in 2012?  Couples' therapy for home-remodeling?  Ford does have some serious issues, which were not adequately probed during testimony.

She complained about flying to D.C. to testify because of fear of flying, yet she flew to Maryland in August to meet with Feinstein and interview attorneys and has flown to Hawaii, Costa Rica, and other places.

She said she did not know that the Judiciary Committee had offered to travel to California to interview her.  This was on the news for a week, and her attorneys knew about the offer.

She said he saw Judge six to eight weeks after the incident at the Safeway where he worked when she went shopping with her mother.  But she didn't tell her mother that he was one of the boys who had attacked her, and she joked that she had entered the store through a different door from the one her mother used because she didn't want to enter through the same door.

She did not tell her parents about the incident until August 2018, even though she was interviewing attorneys and meeting with Feinstein.

The Senate Judiciary Dems had no real questions for Kavanaugh.  They kept saying the FBI should investigate.  Maybe if Feinstein had notified Senator Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, on July 30, the committee could have referred the matter to the FBI.

It was a contest among the Dems as to who had the silliest questions.  Sheldon Whitehouse asked about the high school yearbook and was made to look more foolish than he is.  Patrick Leahy was incoherent.  Feinstein had nothing to say except that she didn't leak the July 30 letter.  Richard Blumenthal, who lied about serving in Vietnam, kept repeating that the FBI could have asked Mark Judge when he worked at the Safeway to help Ford remember the date of the incident.

Blumenthal may be the dumbest senator. He asked Kavanaugh if he knew the legal principle of "falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus" – Latin for false in one thing, false in everything.  Blumenthal is too stupid and arrogant to realize that this means that because he lied about serving in Vietnam, he lies about everything.

The Dems were reduced to asking how much beer Kavanaugh drank as a teenager, and if he drank so much that he could not remember what he did.  This is the only way they can reconcile Kavanaugh's clean record: Kavanaugh was too drunk to remember that he attacked Ford.

The bottom line is that Ford has problems.  She may have been attacked by someone, as suggested by Kavanaugh, but she was not attacked by Kavanaugh.

The Democrats know this, but they used Ford to destroy Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh showed resilience and courage, like Trump.  Kavanaugh was real and honest, unlike Ford.

Finally, the Republicans on the committee, led by Senator Graham, got tired of the lies by the Democrats and stood up to defend Kavanaugh.

Senator Grassley responded forcefully to the Dems who kept whining about an FBI investigation.  Grassley pointed out that the Dems hid the July 30 letter, preventing the committee from investigating the accusation until after the confirmation hearings.

Senator Graham summed it up perfectly: Feinstein and the Dems leaked the July 30 letter after the confirmation to delay the confirmation vote until after the November elections.

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