Kavanaugh compromise for Dems: Confirm now, impeach later

The Democrats' naked politicization of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process was a disgrace. From the outset of Donald Trump's election, Democrats have made clear that they're prepared to resist his election by any means necessary. In opposing Brett Kavanaugh, they have taken that resistance to the next level.

The Democrat tactic in yesterday's hearing was clear: delay.

No fewer than four or five times did Democrat senators ask Brett Kavanaugh to abandon his confirmation process and insist that the president or the Republican majority postpone and open an FBI investigation.  This is rich, given that Dianne Feinstein received Blasey-Ford's accusation on July 30.  There were countless opportunities for Feinstein to challenge Brett Kavanaugh directly, in private meetings or during the confirmation hearings.  She could have forwarded Blasey-Ford's accusation to the FBI directly or brought it to Grassley's attention in mid-summer to open a Senate investigation.

A political calculation was made by Feinstein and the Democrats to derail Kavanaugh's nomination in committee.  When it appeared that he would be confirmed, they "sprang" these allegations in the eleventh hour.  They're now suggesting that if Judge Kavanaugh wished to see justice served, he would forgo his nomination and submit himself to an exhaustive FBI investigation, presumably to last until after the November election.  The seeking of truth and justice, hardly.

As Solomon proposed, let's split the baby.  Confirm Kavanaugh to the bench.  Open a federal investigation into Blasey-Ford's allegations.  With hours of testimony offered by Judge Kavanaugh under oath, if he is found to have perjured himself, impeach him.

The reality is that the Democrats' naked politicization is just that: naked.  They have nothing.  These allegations, as those levied against Roy Moore and Herman Cain, will almost certainly go away the moment Brett Kavanaugh gets confirmed and the Democrats lose their opportunity to derail the nomination through personal destruction.

I wish I could say we've seen the depths of darkness from the left.  Sadly, we haven't.  Things are going to get much darker.

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