China: A true paper tiger

So you think both China and the current trade war are a threat to the U.S.? With corrupt one-party rule; a disintegrating environment, where heavy metals are routinely dumped in the nearest landfill, generating skyrocketing cancer rates the government will not publish; and falsified economic data that would clearly show a plunging economy, there was one important element of this degenerating Chinese economy everyone had ignored.  That was the inability of the Chinese government to protect its own intellectual property. As someone who traveled to China for the last eighteen years and lived in the country for seven of them, I declare that the fact that you can go to any local street corner and buy any current American movie or TV series for about 80 cents, or buy literally any counterfeit branded product for a fraction of the cost of an original, should have been a clear indicator of where this China economy was headed.  If a county and government cannot...(Read Full Post)
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