Calculating life on Mars

The New York Times recently (June 21, 2018) speculated about a Summer Solstice mystery: "Does the Earth's Tilt [of its spin axis, currently 23.5 degrees] Hold the Secret to Life?"  It encouraged me to write about a different kind of speculation, linking the super-rotation of the Earth's core to the possibility of life on Mars. It should be understood that the chain of events described below involves much uncertainty.  Nevertheless, each link in the chain seems plausible – even if I cannot describe it quantitatively.  So here goes: 1. Super-rotation of the core Seismic data, taken over a period of several years (Zhang, et al., Science 2005), suggest that the (innermost, solid iron) core is rotating slightly faster than the rest of the Earth, at 0.3-0.5 degrees/yr.  We don't know if this super-rotation is constant or varies over time.  The analysts did not suggest a cause,...(Read Full Post)
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