Bye-bye (not buy, buy), Nike

No sane company willingly alienates half of the entire potential U.S. market, yet that's what Nike just did.  This makes me wonder if the people running the company are, in fact, sane – or if, perhaps, those decision-makers live and work in that Manhattan-Hollywood-San Francisco bubble that doesn't recognize that more Americans hate them than support them. Just what is this all about, anyway? As a believer in the bottom line, Nike's action left me breathless.  The executive management and the board of Nike have made the decision to use America-hating (or at least traditional America-hating) Colin Kaepernick as the new "face" of Nike's "Just Do It" multi-million-dollar ad campaign.  Kaepernick is the first NFL player to publicly "take a knee" rather than to stand respectfully during the singing of the National Anthem.  The leaders at Nike are apparently intent on profiting from the dubious...(Read Full Post)
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