Atlanta will stop accepting ICE detainees at city jail

Here's some major-league virtue-signaling from Atlanta's Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. The mayor signed an executive order that will prevent the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency from detaining illegal alien criminals in Atlanta's city jail.  She also requested that ICE remove all detainees currently held. Her explanation is classic. Fox News: "As we work to achieve our vision of an Atlanta that is welcoming and inclusive, with equal opportunity for all, it is untenable for our City to be complicit in the inhumane immigration policies that have led to the separation of hundreds of families at the United States southern border," Bottoms said in a statement. Sorry to inform you, Madam Mayor, but Atlanta – the last time I looked – is still part of the United States of America.  That makes you "complicit" in anything and everything the federal government does. The move comes months after...(Read Full Post)
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