Yahoo scraping the bottom of the news barrel

Yahoo can't seem to find any news these days.  The outlet's reporters have nothing to say about the economy, low unemployment, and strong economic growth.  Instead, they are waiting breathlessly for the Paul Manafort trial verdict, even though the alleged crimes have nothing to do with President Trump. Taking a break from the president, Yahoo is focusing on First Lady Melania Trump.  The reporters' breaking news of the day is whether her clothing is sending a subtle message to her husband: "Is Melania Trump trolling POTUS with her pυssγ-bow blouse and speech on 'destructive' social media behavior?" I admit that I'm not well versed in the nuances of women's fashion, so I had to research what a pussy-bow is.  According to Wikipedia, A pussycat bow is a style of neckwear often associated with women's and girls' blouses and bodices. It...(Read Full Post)